Do you want to nourish your family with healthy food but need a little help with the practical side of things? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of  information available around starting your baby on solids and need help navigating and preparing first foods?  Have lunchboxes become a little monotonous and need some love?

Domestica is a personalised in-home cooking and kitchen consulting service with the simple goal of helping your family eat well – by arming you with the time, knowledge and tools to get you there. My mission is to support you in feeding your family nutritious food – whether it be through in-home cooking or a hands-on kitchen overhaul… it’s about the practical things I can do to help you cook and eat well. I am particularly passionate around setting up good eating habits for children – from day one – be it via traditional weaning or baby-led self-feeding.

A balanced, considered menu of nourishing, wholesome foods is offered –  taking into account your personal preferences, nutritional and dietary needs. There is a focus on baby’s first foods, toddler and family food,  snacks and lunchbox fillers. A  smaller amount of more substantial meals are also offered).  Everything is prepared and cooked in your own kitchen, using your preferred ingredients, cookware and storage containers- each thing is in your control – from the provenance of the ingredients to how the finished product is packaged up and stored.

Everything is done for you!  I source the recipes, shop (if required), cook and clean up afterwards. At the end of the visit, you will have a selection of prepared foods to enjoy at your leisure. You will know exactly what ingredients have been used and most importantly, know that it is tailored to your families’ individual needs and preferences.

If you struggle to find the time, energy and motivation to cook – I would love to help support you in your goal to feed your family real, nourishing food.

*In recent months I have developed a special interest in helping new mamas  – leading up to the birth and through those first few bleary-eyed months – with practical hands-on help in the kitchen and around the home – including preparing suitable food for mama, dinners and snacks for other family members,  decluttering and organising in preparation for baby,  setting up a safe, low-tox nursery and environment for baby including checklists of what is *really* needed (not as much as you think) …ask how I can help – a perfect gift for new mamas too!


*Currently primarily servicing Inner-East Melbourne and surrounds including : Camberwell, Hawthorn, Kew, Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Balwyn,  Deepdene, Mont Albert, Wattle Park, Box Hill, Burwood, Ashwood, Ashburton and Glen Iris