Domestica is a personalised in-home cooking and home help service with the simple goal of helping reduce the overwhelm that day to day home life can bring.  It’s owned and operated by me (Justine) and you can learn more about me here.

Most of the work is simply charged out by the hour (generally working in three hour sessions) and you can choose how you would like to use that time – cooking, laundry, gardening, housekeeping or more detailed work like decluttering and organising (*charged at a higher hourly rate).

I don’t tend to subscribe to one specific way of eating.  Instead, I tend to cook simply, with as many nutrient-dense whole foods as possible. I use healthy fats and oils such as ghee, coconut and olive oil – and whole or gluten free grains such as spelt, quinoa and rice. Meats are free range or organic where possible and less-refined sugars such as maple and rice syrup, honey and coconut sugar.  Everything is pretty much made from scratch without the use of added preservatives, artificial colours, additives, flavours or numbers. Essentially, I cook with food that’s as close to its natural state as possible.

The recipes and people that inspire me are those I admire in the Australian real-food eating community including  Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking), Georgia Harding (Well Nourished) Sarah Wilson and for little ones in particular Mandy Sacher (Wholesome Child) and Vanessa Clarkson (Real Food for Babies and Toddlers). Many recipes are nut free to make them school-friendly and many can be varied to allow for intolerances such as gluten, dairy, nut, soy, egg and FODMAPS.



Everything within the running of this little business is undertaken with love, care and mindfulness around what is consumed. Sustainable, ethical and eco-conscious consumption is engaged as much as possible. This is put into practice by taking away food scraps for composting, use of minimal packaging when buying and storing food, using non-toxic cleaning methods and also aiming to source foods that are ethically and locally grown as much as possible. I am by no means perfect, but I do what I can, in little ways each day that help me live in accordance with my core values around living a life that’s sustainable and healthy for myself, my home and the earth.