Why should I hire a Professional Organiser? Can’t I just watch Marie Kondo on Netflix and do it myself?
You may be motivated enough to get organised on your own (and that’s fantastic if you can do that) but often-times momentum can slow and overwhelm keep you from moving forward. Having a fresh set of eyes, unbiased support and guidance can mean the difference between success and staying stuck. We are are your own personal cheer squad who offer you gentle, non- judgemental advice to help you get to where you want, at the pace you choose.

How does it work?
It starts with a conversation, then a consultation in your home if you feel we might be a good fit. We discuss what is and isn’t working, what outcomes you hope to achieve, in what kind of time frame and on what kind of budget.We also discuss how I can (and in some cases, if I cannot) help you. I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire and do a brief tour of your home and the spaces you would like to work on.

How long does it take?
Decluttering sessions are generally booked in 3 hour blocks but we can be flexible with this to suit your needs. On average three hours gives us enough time to see some significant results and it also allows us time at the end of the session for feedback, reflection and going through any home-work I may leave you.

Do I need to be home/can I help?
Yes- you are the integral piece of the puzzle here. It’s you that makes every single decision on what stays or goes.  I can only ask you the questions that will help you come to that decision.

Do you bring your own equipment?
 Yes, I have my own kit I bring along which includes rubbish bags, sorting tubs, tape, markers, labels and the like. I will also bring my own cloths and environmentally friendly surface cleaner that may be required during a session.

What do I need to do in preparation for your visit?
Not much! It’s best if I see your home ‘as is’ in context of the rhythm of a regular day. I only ask that you be open to change, be kind to yourself and limit any shame, judgement or stories you tell yourself in relation to the state of your home.

Do I need to provide containers/boxes/storage items?
Not initially. I aim to limit the purchasing of these kind of items until we have attempted to utilise things you might already own. Only once we have decluttered and removed items can we truly see how much we need to contain.

What does it cost?
Please see my ‘Services’ page.

What kind of experience and qualifications do you have?
I have been supporting families in differing (but related) capacities – housekeeping, cooking, nannying, decluttering/organising and cleaning – since 1995. I was employed as a chef over a seven-year period so I have a good  understanding around food and the workings of efficient kitchens. The sole focus of Domestica for the first seven years was decluttering and professional organising during which time I met, worked with and learnt from some truly talented individuals. They continued to achieve great things for their own businesses and for the industry as a whole – from offering training and professional development to facilitating opportunities for Professional Organisers to connect. To this day they are strong champions and examples of professionalism in our industry, for which I am grateful.

I hold current food handling and first aid certificates along with working with children and police checks. I am insured and a member of the Australian Institute of Food Safety and am a past member of the Australian Association of Professional Organisers (2006-2010) and the Institute of Professional Organisers (2017-18). You are in good hands!

*I have had the 2020 flu vaccination and have an up-to-date whooping cough immunisation (boosted 2109).  I also have been tested to have immunity to MMR, chickenpox and Hepatitis A&B.