Why should I hire a someone to cook in my home?
In-home cooking allows you to have complete control over the food you and your family eat: the ingredients, freshness, quality (nutritional value), quantity, equipment and storage containers used….something take-away or home-delivery meal services cannot offer – not to mention the excess packaging generated by them.

How does it work?
It all starts with a conversation, followed by a meeting in your home. We will discuss your dietary preferences and requirements, I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire and do a brief audit of your kitchen and equipment available. From there you can book a time for me to come and work my magic! I leave you with approximately 6 selected menu items (approx 4-6 portions of each – more for cakes, biscuits etc), packaged, labelled and stored ready to eat or freeze. I will leave reheating/serving instructions where relevant.

How long does it take?
It depends on the service you choose. Most batch-cooking sessions are on average around four hours and I can make 4-6 items (eg. two dinners and 3-4 lunchbox items) in the session.

Do you cater for food intolerances?
Yes! Not only can I cater for gluten, dairy, soy, FODMAPS, Failsafe – most recipes are also nut-free to be school-friendly. I also have lived experience with food intolerances (gluten, FODMAPS and food chemicals) and am more than happy to work alongside your health professional to support the work you do with them.

What if I don’t like the offerings on your menu?
While the menu is not set (you can select individual items from it), if you would prefer me to cook from your own recipes, you can hire me by the hour. I can generally cook 3-4 items in 2 hours (including clean-up).

Are your recipes nutritionally balanced?
The recipes I use are sourced from health professionals (dietitians, nutritionists and naturopaths) and professional cooks and chefs. My menu is reviewed by a nutritionist to ensure the food on offer is nutritionally balanced. I am not a health professional (but I am relatively health literate) so I leave the things like recipe development to the experts.

Do I need to be home/can I help?
You don’t need to be home – if you are unable to meet me on arrival, access can be arranged in advance. You are more than welcome to be at home while I work – but I do ask that I can have use of the kitchen without interruption for efficiency and safety reasons. If you or your children would like to be involved in a cooking session, this would be part of a kitchen audit and charged accordingly.

Shopping- will you really do it for me?
Yes! I am more than happy to purchase the ingredients required for the session. After you have selected the items you would like to have prepared, I will send you an email with a categorised shopping list. You can provide the ingredients or have me purchase what is required.  I have preferred grocers that I use, but happy to use yours if convenient. Shopping is charged as a flat fee – additional charges may apply if you require me to travel to a specific store.

Do you bring your own equipment?
I will mostly utilise your equipment such as pots, pans, food processor, thermomix etc. but will bring my own knives and favoured utensils such as my trusty speed peeler and mandoline. I will also bring my own tea towels, labels and first-aid kit.  Sometimes my pressure cooker will even make an appearance too because yes, I love it that much!

What do I need to do in preparation for your visit?
Once you have chosen the items you would like prepared, I will email you a shopping list of ingredients required. If you have chosen to provide the ingredients, please have them accessible for me to use on the day of our session.  I ask that the kitchen is clean and ready for use – benches, stovetop and workspaces clear, dishes done and put away. I will also need room in the fridge and freezer for the cooked items. If I need to do these things before starting, an additional cleaning fee may be charged.

Do I need to provide containers?
I do require suitable containers to store the cooked food – my preference and recommendation is glass but am happy to use what you have on hand. I will make a recommendation of size and quantity needed for our session. If you would like me to source some good quality glass containers for you, please ask.

What kind of experience and qualifications do you have?
I was employed as a chef over a seven-year period (including at The Neal St Restaurant and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in London) and have cooked for dozens of families whilst working as a nanny for over ten years. Since developing food intolerances of my own, I am even more aware of the importance of catering for them – especially in regards to minimising cross contamination.  I hold current food handling and first aid certificates along with working with children and police checks. I am insured and a member of the Australian Institute of Food Safety and the Institute of Professional Organisers. You are in good hands!


*Please see Terms and Conditions for information about payment, cancellations and other boring but rather important stuff.