In-home cooking  
Items from my family favourites list (or from your own recipes) prepared in your own kitchen, packaged and labelled with clear storage and reheating/serving instructions if required. All dishes washed, benches and stove top wiped down using earth and human-friendly cleaning methods. Fruit and vegetable scraps and trimmings taken away for composting if required.

*NB: Groceries not included – you can choose to provide them or for an additional charge, they can be purchased by me on the day of service and the amount will be added to your final invoice.

General housekeeping
The ongoing things that just never go away (as long as we live in our homes!) and your regular cleaner may not have time to do – general tidying, laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away), ironing, changing bed linen/towels, cleaning out the fridge or looking after your plants/tending to your vegetable garden.

Declutter and organise
Do you have areas of your home that need to be decluttered and be more efficiently organised? Let me work with you to get those hot spots in tip-top shape so you can make the most of your time in them. Domestica was born in 2004 as a decluttering and organising service and for 7 years my sole focus and professional development was based around this. I have since expanded the range of services to support you in other areas of the the home that also need some love and attention.

Shopping /errand running
I shop as locally as possible at a range of selected greengrocers, butchers (free range or organic meats) or supermarkets. The choice is ultimately yours and am also happy to use your preferred stores (additional charges may apply depending on location/convenience). Perishable food is transported in commercial-grade cool boxes and ice packs at 5 degrees or less. Reusable produce and grocery bags are used to avoid generating excess waste as much as possible (particularly if shopping at bulk stores). Other errands also available such as dry-cleaning, running to the post office or picking up other non-food items.

Menu planning
Would you like to take the stress out of what to cook each week? Working from a list of family favourites, I can generate weekly, fortnightly or monthly dinner plans (plus lunchbox and snack options) complete with a shopping list. We can tailor it to your specific needs i.e. working around nights when you might have sporting activities and need something on the table fast!

New-baby helping-hand packages
Pick and choose services that suit your needs within a 3, 5 or 8 hour package: whether it be stocking your freezer, baby proofing, creating  safe sleeping spaces, low-tox nursery set-up, help with practical resources (ie: useful and safe equipment and essentials – and how to source them second-hand if needed). You can even hire me to do the basics (while you sleep if needed!) such as look after baby (or other children), laundry or cook an evening meal. Relax knowing I have hands-on experience looking after children spanning two decades.