Decluttering and organising  
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have areas of your home that need to be simplified,  less cluttered and more efficiently organised? Let me help you get those spaces working so you can enjoy the time you spend in them – be it your kitchen, wardrobe, laundry, bathroom or children’s rooms.  Sustainable, low-tox and reusuable options are my go-to during this process. I aim to use what you already own or can access easily,  help responsibly dispose of what you no longer need and support you in acquiring less in the future to avoid the continuing cycle of acquiring/purging/acquiring.

Home assessment and personalised action plan: $120
Included: Initial 30-min phone consultation, a visit to your home (approx one hour) where we will discuss what’s not working for you, what you hope to achieve and how I can help you work towards that goal. This is followed-up with a written plan of action with recommendations tailored to your specific needs. From here, you can decide to work towards your goals at your own pace or continue with some hands-on help and support.
*This is a great option if you are not sure if hiring a Professional Organiser is right for you and/or want some framework and guidance around implementing strategies that can help you bring about lasting change in your spaces.

Hands-on help and guidance $85 p/h
Utilise my expertise as much or as little as needed. Packages available upon request.
Included  – Initial phone consultatation, tour of your home (and as above) discussion around what’s working and not working for you, what you hope to achieve and how I can help you work towards that goal. I’ll help you make decisions on what stays and what goes, suggest how to best utilise your spaces and organise your belongings efficiently and in a way that makes sense to you. At the end of the session I will take away any goods for donation and also offer advice on removal of other items if required.

*This option is perfect if you are ready to jump straight in and start working together from day one. We will still sit down and devise a plan of action at the beginning of the session and work from there.


New-Baby helping-hand packages: (POA)
Pick and choose the help that suit your needs within a package which could include:
*Stocking your freezer with nourishing post-partum foods
*Advice on cleaning/washing routines using the safest, lowest tox cleaning methods for your family
*Baby and/or toddler proofing home audit
*Decluttering and reorganising spaces to accommodate the new arrival
*Creating optimal safe sleeping spaces
*Planning and setup of low-tox nursery including advice on what’s really essential and more importantly what not to buy
*Advice and recommendations on acquiring items that may be required – samples of smaller items such as sleepsuits/wraps, cloth nappies, wipes, dummies, washing detergents/cleaning products are also available to help you navigate through the (often completely new-to-you) world of baby-goods!

**All of this is done within the ethos of mindful consumption. Encouragement will always be to borrow, reuse, hire or buy second hand (if safe) before purchasing new. Babies come with few needs (food, warmth and shelter within a nurturing, responsive environment) but a lot of ‘stuff’ if we are not careful!

And coming soon in 2019…
Low-tox, happy, healthy home audits which include personalised recommendations for simple product switches that can help reduce the chemical load in your home while at the same time also reducing the burden on our earth  🙂