*Premium Postpartum Support*
I have developed two core packages to support you – a six or twelve week option is available with the needs of a tender new Mama in mind. Both of these packages encompass a pre-natal postpartum planning session, tailored to your own unique needs to help you feel less overwhelmed and more equipped to mentally, physically and practically care for yourself and your baby. This session is a time we can brainstorm a range of topics that can be helpful to consider in the postpartum period. This might include  (but not limited to) managing visitors, meals & snacks to have on hand, exploring what you need in your days to feel good, what can be outsourced & delegated and guidance around building your village and asking for help. I can help you reduce the overwhelm and create emotional and physical spaces and daily rhythms during this extraordinary time of  adjustment and change.

I have also put together a ‘bite-size’ day package if you would love some help either pre or post natally – this also includes a follow-up digital session and a Mama gift hamper.

In-home visits can include what’s most important to you: 

*Cooking of warming, postpartum-specific meals and snacks
*Pantry and fridge stocking/organisation/tidying
*Putting on or folding a load (or two!) of washing, changing sheets/towels
*A quick tidy up of living/sleeping spaces
*Dealing wi
th the dishes/emptying the dishwasher
*Care of baby while you rest  
*Walk the dog (we could do this together with baby if you felt up to it)
*General debriefing/emotional support
*Advice on setting up optimal safe sleep spaces or general nursery set up
*Guidance on the use of carriers, bottles, dummies, cloth nappies, swaddles/wraps
*Advice on reducing the toxic load in your home and how to slowly make simple switches
*Organising of cupboards/drawers/spaces that will make daily life easier for you
*Sharing of information, resources and referrals to help build your village
*Help you think about and set up daily rhythms that will nurture your whole family
*Support you in clarifying your values and parenting style
*General feeding/ sleep and settling support
*General baby care advice and reassurance on normal infant behaviour
*Support in building your village – coordinating referrals if needed

*Planning and setup of low-tox nursery including advice on what’s really essential
*Advice and recommendations on acquiring items that may be required – samples of smaller items such
as swaddles, wraps and carriers, cloth nappies, wipes, bottles,
dummies etc are also available to help
you navigate through the (often completely new-to-you) world of baby-goods!


Please contact me for my Packages and Pricing Guide or to book a free 30-minute phone conversation to learn more and get a feel if we might be a good fit.