“…there is such a need for supporting people to eat well, it seems most have just lost their way and need someone to hold their hand and show them a better way. I’m very happy for you to cook with my recipes, actually honoured…” Georgia Harding, Founder of Well Nourished and author of ‘Well Nourished Lunchbox‘ and ‘Rise and Shine‘.


“…Thank you so much, we really appreciate you sharing the love, and what you are doing is SUCH an important job!!! I wish there were more doing it!” Jo Whitton, Founder of Quirky Cooking and author of ‘Quirky Cooking’ and ‘Life Changing Food


“…I believe what you’re offering is imperative. Your knowledge of allergies, FODMAPS etc is so important to those of us that are scared to venture outside of our own controlled cooking. To be able to deliver that trust is amazing.” Sharon


“...Oh wow… Both biscuits are delicious!!…I had a jam drop for breakfast… !! And had to stop myself from eating another. I usually go vague and feel tired after eating sweet things but I felt great.
It made me feel like it would be a great afternoon snack… I love to graze but can usually only have savoury things if I want to remain alert!  The kids loved them.  I just tried the oat biscuit with a thick slice of tasty cheese on top… It was divine!! I thought they may be dry but they were moist and left a lovely feeling in my mouth. Also wanted more but saving for kids for this arvo…I think your food is so great for the whole family. I take food to work so I don’t have to leave my desk when I’m on a roll… Those snacks would be perfect.” Virginia